Wireless Orbit Pricing

Wireless Orbit pricing is based on usage. We offer a Basic service level for a one-time sign up fee an no monthly fees. We also offer several premium service levels with additional features. There is a monthly fee associated with each premium service level.

Contact us for more information about custom pricing arrangements.

Service Level Gateways Accounts Sessions/Month Sign Up Fee Monthly Fee
Basic 3 100 1000 $25 Free
Small Business 10 500 5000 $25 $20
Medium Business 20 1000 10000 $25 $50
Large Business Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $25 $100
System Integrator Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $25 $25/Location

Once the gateway limit is reached you will be unable to configure additional gateways for use with Wireless Orbit. Similarly, once you reach the account limit you will be unable to add additional login accounts to be managed with Wireless Orbit.

The session limit uses a moving 30 day time window. It counts all sessions logged in the previous 30 days. Once the session limit is reached, further login attempts will fail.

The System Integrator service level is for companies managing many networks for different customers. With the other service levels you're paying for a single account on the Wireless Orbit system. For system integrators we offer the option of creating individual Wireless Orbit accounts for each of your customers.

In addition to having higher usage limits all the premium service levels offer additional features not found in the Basic service level. These features include:

Trouble Tickets Get problem reports

If your customers experience problems, the can use a link on the login page to send you a problem report. You can choose to have notifications emailed to you or just check them in the Control Center.

System Monitoring Keep track of gateway status

You can create monitoring profiles to keep track of your gateways. You can choose to have alerts emailed to you if our servers are ever unable to communicate with your gateways.

Priority Support Get help by email

We always try to answer all customer questions. We do however give priority to customers who are paying for the premium service levels over Basic service customers.

No Branding No banner in the login portal

At the Basic service level a Powered by Wireless Orbit banner will appear on the login page. The banner is not present at the premium service levels.